Brown's Real Estate Services has 1 FHA Certified appraiser on staff to meet your needs. We appraise in both Sussex and Kent Counties in Delaware.

We provide FHA, PMI Insurance, REO, Purchase, Refinance, Estate, Personal, Divorce, Legal, Farm and multi-family appraisals quickly and efficiently.


Here are some of the services we offered call 302-827-1178, email or go to Got a Question to request a Fee Quote:

Single Family Residential (1004 URAR )



2055 Exterior ( Drive By )  
Field Review/ Desk Top Review  
Manufactured Home Appraisal on private property or leased land
Updates ( within 90 Days )/ Recertification
New Construction
Multi Family/ Income Appraisal
Construction inspection/Certificate of Value/follow up inspection/RUSH fee  
704 Drive By
Trip Fee/2075 Drive By ( no value conclusion )


This is not a complete list of the services we can provide. Please contact us if the service you need is not listed. (302) 827-1178.

Turn around time 3 - 4 business days on most orders depending on appointment date.


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